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 Why is the monthly fee so low?
Our streamlined process has allowed us to pass savings on to the property owners seeking management for their properties.

Does the monthly fee go up?
We strive to keep our low price philosophy, so each contract is locked in at a fixed low price for one year.

Do you accept Section 8?
Yes we do, but before we advertise a unit for lease via the Section 8 program, we make sure that each owner understands the Section 8 program and process. There is about a 45-60 day delay in the first disbursement from Section 8 once a tenant moves in.

Do you offer discounts?
We offer a 15% discount for owners who have 20 properties or more managed by us.

Do you have references?
Sure, just ask! We will give you contact information of other satisfied owners.

I already have a tenant in my property. What now?
We would then only take over the complete management of the property for the monthly service fee of $85 per month.

Do you require me to deposit reserves at the onset of our agreement?
Each situation is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Under normal circumstances we do not require reserves to be deposited at the onset of a property management agreement, but may if your property requires extensive make-ready repairs. ​

Can I use my own service personnel to make repairs to my property?
We are more than happy to work with your service personnel. However, we do require that you allow us to schedule our own appointments for service at your property.

When can I expect my monthly check?
Monthly accounting statements are sent, and payments are initiated on the 10th of each month. Payments are initiated through a payment system, and depending on your location, your check should be received within 5 days from payment initiation.

Who will I be dealing with on a monthly basis regarding the management of my property?
Each property is assigned an asset manager based on location; this asset manager will serve as your primary contact point for all issues concerning your property.

How do you determine the rent that will be charged for my property?
Our staff of licensed Realtors will use comparable rental values in the immediate market area to determine the maximum amount of rent than can be collected for your unit.

If I decided to sell my property, can you help?
Of course. Complete Realty Property Management is a division of Complete Realty, a full-service real estate firm.

If I decided to purchase more rental property, can you help?
Of course. Allow one our investment specialists to assist you in locating, purchasing, financing, and insuring a new property.